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Dixie County High School.jpg
DIXIE - Dixie County Middle / High School
Dixie County High School has a goal of excellence in every area. We know the requirements of a twenty-first century education include skills in critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and technology. Only the very best educational experiences will prepare our students to be competitive in post secondary education and the global marketplace. We hold the highest standards for the conduct of students at Dixie County High School. Students are expected to attend school every day prepared to learn. They are expected to refrain from any conduct which interferes with another student's opportunity to learn, and are expected to contribute to a safe and orderly learning environment by respecting themselves and others.
Contact: Diana Locke, Principal
Phone: 352-498-6415
Fax: 352-498-1287
16077 NE 19 HWY
Cross City, FL 32628
Dixie Adult Education Center.JPG
DIXIE - Dixie District Schools Adult Education
Contact: Charlotte Lord, Director
Phone: 352-498-6151
16077 NE 19 Highway, Building 2
Cross City, Florida 32628
Anderson Elementary School.jpg
DIXIE - James M. Anderson Elementary School
The main focus of Anderson Elementary is to educate our children, while involving students, staff, parents and the community. We believe that quality education is a direct result of an equal commitment of all areas at school and home.
Contact: Mike Thomas, Principal
Phone: 352-498-1333
815 SE 351 Highway
Cross City, FL 32628
Old Town Elementary School.jpg
DIXIE - Old Town Elementary School
The staff, students, and parents of Old Town Elementary are on a quest to develop a positive attitude learning. By providing a safe, and caring stimulating environment for students to increase their knowledge and understanding of themselves and their world. We challenge them to reach their "Dreams of Greatness"
Contact: Karen Tillis, Principal
Phone: 352-542-7818
221 SE 136th Avenue
Old Town, FL 32680
Ruth Rains Middle School.jpg
DIXIE - Ruth Rains Middle School
Ruth Rains Middle School is dedicated to the education of the total child in a caring, fun, hands-on, safe and academically challenging environment. We recognize each child as an individual with varying abilities, backgrounds and values.
Contact: Roger Storey, Principal
Phone: 352.498.1346
Fax: 352.498.1283
981 SE 351 HWY
Cross City, Florida 32628
Dixie District Schools.jpg
Dixie District Schools
The Dixie District School System is located in Cross City, Florida, and connected to the outlying communities of Suwannee, Jena, Old Town, and Horseshoe Beach. We are a largely rural Gulf coast county with a wealth of natural resources. Dixie County is nestled between two beautiful rivers, the Suwannee and Steinhatchee. Our schools are the heartbeat of the community. There are four schools within the Dixie District School System in grades PreK-12. There are two elementary schools in our county, Anderson Elementary located in Cross City and Old Town Elementary located in the eastern boundary of our county in Old Town. Ruth Rains Middle School is located in Cross City along with Dixie County High School, which is our one comprehensive high school. Our vocational technical school lies adjacent to and is part of the high school campus, which serves grades 9-12.
Contact: Mark Rains, Superintendent
Phone: 352-498-6131
Fax: 352-498-1308
16077 N Hwy 19
Cross City, FL 32628
Bell elementary School.jpg
GILCHRIST - Bell Elementary School
Welcome to Bell Elementary School, where teamwork leads to success! Bell Elementary has a tradition of excellence and a strong commitment to serve our families and community. Our faculty and staff’s dedication to BES is evident in our continued growth and achievement, as well as the school’s positive learning environment. For more information about our school, please explore our website.
Contact: Sherry Lindsey, Principal
Phone: 352-463-3275
Fax: 352-463-3456
2771 East Bell Avenue
Bell, FL 32619
Bell High School.jpg
GILCHRIST - Bell Middle / High School
Bell Middle/High School is scheduled to maintain an A school grade depending on data from the state. Our faculty and staff are excited about this new school year. There will be a continued emphasis on student achievement as students continue to take state End of Course Exams (EOCs) and FCAT. The rigor and expectations are increasing as students and teachers are expected to meet new requirements by the state in reading, math and science. Please feel free to stop by and talk about your child’s progress or concerns you have about our school.
Contact: Rick Reed, Principal
Phone: 352-463-3232
Fax: 352-463-3294
930 S Main Street
Bell, FL 32619
Trenton Elementary School.jpg
GILCHRIST - Trenton Elementary School
Trenton Elementary is a place of learning, wonder, and excitement. Here at TES, we take pride in our excellent teaching staff and hard-working students. We share a common goal of preparing each student to be successful. We work hard to ensure that our students master the content, are successful in meeting rigorous state standards, and are prepared for the challenge of each transition throughout their school career and beyond. Our work toward continuous improvement and educational excellence has consistently earned TES an “A” school grade through Florida’s accountability system. Students, parents, and staff make this happen through hard work and a focus on achievement. We appreciate the many ways in which you support us in providing an outstanding education for all students. Please continue to be involved in your child’s education through volunteering, family reading AR nights, and at-home assistance.
Contact: Jay Jolicoeur , Principal
Phone: 352-463-3224
Fax: 352-463-3299
1350 SW SR 26
Trenton, FL 32693
Trenton High School.jpg
GILCHRIST - Trenton Middle / High School
Trenton Middle/High School would like to welcome you to our school website! Please take the time to explore, and let us know if you have any questions. THS is a high performing combination middle/high school serving students in 5th through 12th grade. We value the dedication and hard work of our students, teachers, and parents, and we are proud of our collaborative efforts toward continuous improvement. We encourage you to contact us at any time to ask questions or make suggestions; we welcome the input! THS will continue to support and facilitate student achievement, safety, and well-being with your help.
Contact: Lynette Langford, Principal
Phone: 352-463-3210
Fax: 352-463-3264
1013 North Main Street
Trenton, FL 32693

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